Precautions for riding a roller coaster

Date: 2018-09-30
Roller coaster manufacturer's warm tips for roller coaster ride:
1. The pocket of the clothes should have a zip or snapbutton that can be closed; otherwise, do not put anything on the body;
2. Don't wear a necklace. It may strangle your neck in twist.
3. Girls should not wear skirts that are too flowing.
4. Don't wear frame glasses;
5. Do not wear shoes without buckles;
6. Do not wear flip-flops;
7. Do not bury the roller coaster head too low. It will bump into the armrest of the front seat when shaking
Finally, roller coaster manufacturers advise young people to use the roller coaster in a limited number of times. After the ride, if you feel unwell, you should go to the doctor in time.

About roller coaster, everybody knows it is a very exciting entertainment, so where is the most horrible? Some people might say the first row, because the first row looks the best in the front, so it's the scariest.
Not, actually the most horrible position is the last row, because when the front end of the roller coaster dive down from the highest point, the last row is still climbing, this time, because want to drag behind rollercoaster ride in the front row, so the speed of the first row is not soon, such as the back up the slope to the top, to dive, the front have reached the banpo, again also do not go to far, the real from the top down is the last row in the whole process of the strong impact.
So the pursuit of stimulation remember to choose the last row, want to be safe in the first row.
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