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  • Jul 13th,2018 (Fri)

    How to import park rides from china ?

    There are many manufacturers of amusement rides in china.In this information age,international trading can be very easy.According to the purchase process,you had better plan early.To ensure the rides can be use on the opening day of your park.

  • Jun 22nd,2018 (Fri)

    Basic Safety Knowledge for Entering the Amusement Park

    Amusement Rides bring exciting,thrill,fresh,challenge,relax to passengers. Summer is the peak season for park rides operators.To inform the basic safety knowledge to tourists is very necessary.

  • Jun 8th,2018 (Fri)

    The methods of Carousel selection

    Carousel is a kind of mechanical rides in theme park.The earliest Carousel appeared around the year of 1860 in Europe,driven by steam.Nowadays,Carousel is the most common rides in parks,shopping mall,resort,plaza,etc.

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