Fort naughty Coin Operated Kiddie Rides technical requirements of each part

Date: 2018-09-27
Naughty Castle is the most popular coin operated kiddie rides in recent years. Whether in shopping malls or playgrounds are the largest flow of people, which is filled with children's laughter, is the children's favorite joy kingdom. Therefore, naughty fort has very strict security requirements. The following is analysis of strength amusement for everyone at each site to detail specific technical requirements:

1, plastic pipes and slides: colorful, anti-ultraviolet (UV) capacity of 8, in line with food-grade standards, strong anti-static capability, safety and environmental protection, weather resistance, high strength

2, Platform: Fort naughty internal as plywood, high strength, excellent safety performance;

3. Protection Network: High strength nylon rope braiding machine, high strength, good safety performance standard;

4, carpets: High density EVA foam sponge, safety and environmental protection.

5, Rainbow ladder: wooden interior, tundish weight foam sponge, high strength, naughty fort to achieve excellent safety performance, when the installation angle less than 30 degrees, in line with national standards;

6, the foreskin: high-density EVA foam sponge, thickness ≥6mm, covered with glitter leather and easy to clean, colorful, unbreakable, flame retardant;

7, steel: galvanized steel, in line with international standards;

8, single-plank bridge: single-plank bridge internal Naughty for plywood, foam sponge tundish weight, outermost flash leather woven bag, high strength, excellent safety performance;

Fort naughty children the joy of the Kingdom, the leader in the children's play facilities, as manufacturers we bring children joy at the same time, we must protect the quality of reliable, all parts of the details of the implementation of strict accordance with the technical requirements to ensure that Coin Operated Kiddie Rides safe and reliable.
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