Maintenance of mini flying chair

Date: 2018-09-27
1, Everyday we should check the bolt of mini flying chairs, to see whether there is loose, corrosion, rust phenomenon.

2, periodically check the foundation and the basis of mini flying chairs, basic does not affect the normal operation of its uneven subsidence, cracking and loosening anomalies.

3, regularly check the main force structure, force structure as a whole should be safe, you should not have crack, impact deformation, corrosion, abrasion, mechanical damage and other security flaws.

4, every day is important to check welds, should ensure that it has no open welding, cracks and severe corrosion phenomenon.

5, a day to check the bolted connections between the parts, to prevent loosening measures is intact, pinned measures to prevent the loss is intact.

6, a day to check the handles, seat belts or safety pressure bar is fixed or solid, no damage; safety pressure bar should not affect the safety of air travel, flexible movement.

7,one should always check the replacement of wearing parts. Insurance measures to check whether the adult portion of the hanging device is not intact loss.

8, always check the status of all lubrication points, to see whether it is normal, if you need to add lubricant and lubricant according to the requirements of lubrication, can not form droplets phenomenon, no relative moving parts should be no oil leakage.

9, to carefully listen to the sound is all moving parts in motion normal, no abnormal ring, no noise.

10, in winter,before starting the device, start the pump motor and so on, should be used "to open the stop" approach to system warm-up operation is repeated several times so that the oil temperature rise in the system, with hydraulic equipment after flexible operation, then normal operation.
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