Brief Introduction about Bungee Trampolines

Date: 2020-08-08
Children bungee trampolines now is the most popular and most fashionable health children amusement rides. It is convenient to manage and the cover area is small, it also don’t need electric. The putting place of the bungee trampolines has no limited. It can put in parks, squares, shopping malls, indoor or outdoor playground. The installation is convenient and flexible. Firmly installed, can be folded, convenient transportation. Children can flying in the air and do the 360 or 720 degree turn backward somersault. It is the best children rides to improve the sitting up exercise of children. The bungee trampolines will be launched by the well received, not only bring to tourists joy, but also to the operator to bring huge profits. High strength elastic rope, elastic rope latex wire.

First, the main index of bungee trampolines.

The steel frame high is 4m, the cover area is 2m*2m. This equipment is easy to dismantle and move. It is also easy to protect, don’t need any Ground construction.

The bounce trampolines are under the bungee. It can protect children efficiently from hurt and at the same time to help finish the bungee.

Elastic rope: Malaysia imports bungee elastic rope, each side have 3 ropes. According to the different weight of children, increase or decrease the number of rope. For safety, the number of elastic rope unilateral use of at least 2.

4.Children bungee jumping, tourists weight below 50KG use.

Second, the way of playing bungee trampolines and security of it.

1. by the staff for the passenger to fasten the safety belt, then both sides at the same time a traction rope, elastic rope force, fasten the rope, then you can use.

2. Check the product damageable parts regularly and replacement of traction rope, if found any problems, must replace or repair instantly.
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