Annual Audit For Amusement rides Is The Key to Ensure Safe Operation

Date: 2020-08-08

Amusement park rides is a kind of special facilities. According to the state of special management policy for amusement rides, we need to carry out the necessary inspection audits of these products every year to ensure the safe operation of the amusement park rides.

The annual audit is very important, In our country every year we will organize large-scale audit work for inspection of the goods on the market. If we find the unquailified products, we will punish it immadiately.

The project is the large and special amusement rides to ensure the safety of the people. Annual inspection for them is required. The site in examination include: amusement rides in the park, playground equipment for children, children's Park indoor amusement equipments. Although China has increased efforts to rectify the market, but every year there will be a rebound. How will put the theme park equipment safety out, we all attach a great importance to the issue.

The main equipment for rectification are some large children's amusement rides. We will thorough the investigation of exceed the standard equipments, crackdown on undocumented operating items and cleaning children's entertainment market. Especially in the large kind of theme park rides, such as Double-spin carousel, swing ships, large pendulum,disco turntable, Ferris wheel, three-dimensional space ring, a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva, walking in the air, the snail commando, etc. If you want to know more special equipment inspection audit requirements, please login our official website

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