Sky Shooter

Model No.: GS-SS-16

Amusement park rides sky shooter is similar to the traditional flying chair, but different from the traditional flying chair.Spiral jet is a very fun rotating outdoor recreation equipment, we can be customized production according to the specific needs of customers, the general specifications is for the 8 arms, each arm can be equipped with 2 seats, which can accommodate 16 people.

The amusement rides sky shooter in addition to the rotating function of the flying chair, but also through the cylinder to play the role of cabin lift. Its extremely dynamic appearance, equipped with LED lights, in the darkness more dazzling, children and adults can experience flying experience on the ride, the harvest of great joy.
1.Fiber glass reinforced plastics all used Automobile paint baking process.
2.Sky shooter amusement rides main material is high quality glass fiber, a molding, never fade, with beautiful, environmental resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, exquisite technology, high safety factor, is the preferred investment recreation equipment.
3.The sky shooter equipment outside the 16 seats are started to do uniform rotation, when to a certain angle, the seat will be thrown out, very stimulating and interesting, suitable for young people who deeply dared to challenge themselves to play.


  • Name

    Sky Shooter

  • Capacity


  • Cover Area


  • Height


  • Power

    12 kw

  • Voltage


  • Material


  • Payment


  • Certificate


  • Installation

    Offer ref video and foundation drawing

  • After-sale Service

    online and site tech support, free spare parts

  • Use Fields

    Amusement park,Resort,Mall

  • Service Life

    Over 8 years

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