Mini Pendulum

Model No.: GS-BC-12

Mini Pendulum is an amusement rides place in children's amusement park. This rides is also suitable for adults.It can put in outdoor and indoor places.Advantages are moving convenient and simple to operate.

Mini pendulum, as its name suggests, is a mini version of big pendulum, with beautiful appearance and stable structure. Tourists ride on the high speed rotating pendulum reciprocating swing, dazzling and thrilling; visitors often exclaim the unable to restrain the emotions and laughter, greatly improves the playground festive atmosphere, so many visitors to linger, reluctant to leave. Mini pendulum is a popular amusement rides,with new design, the appearance is gorgeous, the operation is stable, the max swing angle can be 160 degree.The stimulation is interesting and the adventure is moderate, and it is welcomed by the vast number of tourists.
Outline and structural principle of mini pendulum
The equipment consists of main support, hanging device, pendulum hammer and electrical system.The main part of the pendulum adopts the truss structure, the pendulum shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the pendulum hammer is equipped with a seat and a safety pressure bar, so as to ensure the safe riding of the tourists.The main drive of the pendulum adopts the driving mode of the motor driving the slewing bearing, so that the swing of the pendulum can be flexibly tracked and the non-uniform rotation can be realized when the motor is driven. Large swing of the cylinder is realized by using the swinging hammer of the cylinder.Mini pendulum is equipped with complete functions of the electrical cabinet and auxiliary appliances, to ensure that the motor starting and running, the electrical cabinet is provided with a driving device of control circuit,bell button,easy operation and safe


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    Mini Pendulum

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